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UPVC Doors



Versatile and a perfect fit for any home, uPVC doors have many benefits that make them a great investment. Manufactured with unplasticised polyvinyl chloride and a fully insulated steel frame, they’re durable, energy efficient and low maintenance. Available in a variety of styles and colours to complement your home, from traditional to modern, they can be customised with accessories to make the design unique to you. Long-lasting and protected against harsh weather in the summer and winter, uPVC doors can withstand wear and tear meaning they won’t need replacing for decades, giving you peace of mind about their quality.




A cost-effective choice that boasts impressive features, our range of durable uPVC doors which maintain their pristine finish with its special coating, ensures that it won’t be affected by rot. One of its greatest advantages is that energy-efficient uPVC doors help to provide fantastic insulation to keep the cold weather away and reduce your energy bills. As well as security features such as the multi-locking system and robust materials are dedicated to keeping you, your loved ones and your belongings safe. Plus, they require little upkeep as they are easy to clean with a simple wipe-down with a damp cloth.




One of the best assets about uPVC doors is that they can be used for several areas within your property and in multiple ways. A first choice for many homeowners for front and back doors thanks to their popular designs and features, they provide a great first impression with their stylish finish. Alternatively, they’re also available as bi-fold and patio doors which open up the possibility of space-saving and maximise the space of your home whilst also looking aesthetically pleasing, increasing the amount of light that is let into the room. Our highly knowledgeable team at 1st Aztec can assist with what type of door is best for you.




Thanks to its adaptable nature, uPVC doors can be customised to your specifications, for a product that ticks all your boxes. Our range of colours and finishes enables you to match your new door to your existing windows, whilst allowing you to try something different too. We also provide a variety of glass options from tempered to frosted for enhanced privacy that are highly durable and secure. For a complete bespoke finish, there are also plenty of accessories to choose from including handles, locks and letterboxes from our hardware selection for a door that is designed to your style and taste.




A space-saving design that can transform any home, bifold doors help to maximise the opening of your property whilst occupying minimal space by seamlessly bringing together the outdoors and indoors. Consisting of large glass panels, they deliver unobstructed views and ample natural light, whilst having a variety of designs and opening for an elegant look.

Offering enhanced ventilation by increasing airflow through your interior, they are also energy efficient with their advanced glazing options and insulation. Equipped with robust lock systems and security features to protect your property, they are a fine choice when looking to invest in new external doors whilst transforming the look of your home.



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Whether you have a contemporary home or a traditional one with heritage features, uPVC doors can be fitted for both types as they’re versatile in finish whilst being highly secure. When searching for UPVC doors in Bristol, 1st Aztec is a trusted choice in the local area as we have a wide range of products on offer and deliver expert and honest advice about which type of door will suit your budget and home architecture for an elegant yet functional finish. We offer a personalised service to truly understand your needs.


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FAQs About UPVC Doors

What’s the difference between a uPVC door and a composite door?

When searching for the right door for your home, it’s best to know the difference in types and why one choice is better than the other. Composite doors and uPVC doors are produced with different materials, with uPVC made entirely from plastic compared to Composite doors which are made from multiple materials and usually feature a solid timber core. Therefore uPVC doors are more budget-friendly whilst still having great security features.

Do you need to replace the frame when having a new uPVC door installed?

Depending on what condition your current frame is in then it might not be necessary to have the existing one replaced. However, there are factors to bear in mind with regards to the frame being compatible to your new door. Also, you’ll need to check that the frame isn’t damaged or warped as this would hinder a safe and secure fitting, and older frames may not provide the same level of energy efficiency. It’s best to have a new frame installed with the door to ensure that it delivers on all its features. 

Are uPVC doors environmentally friendly? 

Yes, they are. As uPVC is a recyclable material, it can be used to create new products at the end of their lifespan for a sustainable option that reduces environmental impact. 

Do uPVC doors have a warranty?

1st Aztec are pleased to partner with high-quality manufacturers that have a warranty on their products. Depending on the brand will determine how long the warranty is and what